Atheist – Importance of being one in the present worst case scenario

Atheist, you are if you don’t follow any religion because you don’t believe in the existence of god (I see no reason to capitalize the g). An atheist isn’t guided by rules from holy books neither does she pray for herself or for others.

An atheist knows prayers don’t work but actions do.

Can’t imagine yourself not praying during the hardest times? That’s how our minds are programmed, we have been programmed to believe in a god who is above all our troubles.

But, has the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent god helped us at all? Hadn’t all those people who got into accidents, wars, troublesome situations prayed?

Photo courtesy: Subas Adhikari

Let’s use common sense and not some highly scientific, mathematical or philosophical reasoning to solve this mystery of god and his composition.

You know how important religion is in our everyday lives, our wars, our friendships and our peace. Currently there are 2.18 billion Christians, 2.2 billion Muslims, 900 million Hindus, 376 million Buddhists …….. but have their gods come to a conciliation?

Have Jesus, Allah, Brahma, Bishnu, Buddha and others gathered together for a peace talk like our leaders do when they have to throw somebody out of the PM’s seat?

Aren’t they worried about their devotees who are killing each other for them?

Since we haven’t seen or heard of any such peace talks taking place above the rainbows on a beautiful day, it is sure that the gods don’t exist. Or, if there’s god, there is only one.

And, that one is very jealous. He (?) is a god full of bias who notes who believes in him and who doesn’t, who prays to him and who doesn’t. He has a Judgement Day scheduled to punish the wrong doers and prize his followers.

Photo courtesy: Subas Adhikari

Looking at the activities of the highly religious people all around the globe, we are compelled to think so.

Not to forget, there are around 1.1 billion atheists, agnostics and non believers. And because, atheism isn’t organised like all other religions, it hasn’t caused wars, genocides, suicide bombings and riots so far.

Atheists are highly unlikely to organize themselves because atheism is basically about independence. It’s a way of free-thinking. An atheist doesn’t accept what has been fed to her since her birth.

An atheist doesn’t believe on things which have no sound explanation. God has no proper explanation for his existence, hence an atheist doesn’t accept his existence.

An atheist doesn’t believe in religions and the gods humans have created.

An atheist doesn’t believe in satan either. For an atheist, satan is as non-existent as god.


Why does the atheist think that there is no god?

It happens out of pure common sense.

Just think, if there was really god, why we don’t see him? Why does he have to hide? Why everybody can’t feel him? Is he for the select ones only?

First let’s be clear about some of our gods.

Christian God – He is the most prominent god on earth. The bitter fact is that historians believe Jesus never claimed himself to be the Son of God.

Jesus’ life is full of controversies. Some say he was in India, others say he was never born from a virgin and Virgin Mary was just a mistranslation of ‘maiden’ Mary from Hebrew to Greek.

Isn’t the idea of a virgin giving birth is totally nonsense? Or, was Jesus the first test tube baby? Maybe he was a clone? Was Mary the first surrogate mother on the earth?

Some even say that he was not crucified, or if he was crucified he hadn’t died on the cross.

Let’s leave these controversies aside and deal with Jesus and Holy Father with just our common sense.

If God is omniscient (he knows everything – past, present and future), how did he fail to know that Lucifer (satan) would betray him and go away with some of his angels?

Is the Christian god so powerless that he fears satan?

If god is omnipotent (he has all the powers), why does he have to fight with satan? If he doesn’t have to fight, then why we (god’s children) need to fight with satan and be afraid of him?


If satan is god’s own creation (how he can’t be, after all god is the creator of heaven and hell), why is god playing with us? Is god a sadist who enjoys our pain, makes satan lure us and sees how we come out of it?

The idea of the christian god resembles  the sadistic murderer from the movie Saw. Remember Jigsaw?

Though there are many flaws in the christian god, we fail to see them. Why? Because we have been conditioned to believe those stories written by people who lived about 2000 years ago.

The writers of Bible weren’t master story tellers or mass-hypnotists. Their stories were manipulated by politicians.

Politics is older than all the religions.

I read this somewhere, it might help you understand the gist of christianity:

Christianity began as a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ.
When it went to Athens, it became
a philosophy. When it went
to Rome, it became an organization.
When it spread throughout
Europe, it became a culture.
When it came to America, it became
a business. When it bought and owned
the world, it became the Anti-Christ.

No surprise, when Jesus appears next, he will be crucified by none other than the Christians.

Muslim God – I’m afraid to write against him. Who knows some extreme imam may read this post and issue a fatwa against me.

Nobody is afraid of Allah, but his followers.

Common sense. Was there Allah before Mohammed was born? Was there the holy father before christ was born?

If god has to send a messiah or his own son to make people understand him, then what kind of god he is?

Will you believe me if I say that I am the son of god? Do you need miracles for my claim? Why did god show miracles through Jesus? Just to prove that Jesus is his son?

What kind of person sends his own son down among humans, has him nailed on a cross and revives him again just to prove that he is the son of god!

And, why would he send another prophet (Mohammed) again, to disprove his former son?

Do you think the almighty would want to start his religion on earth? Does he like people to pray to him, offer him valuable things and ultimately kill in his name?

Even if we aren’t atheists, it’s purely lack of common sense that makes us believe that the Muslim god is a just god, or a god at all. Just look at what the distorted belief has given to this world.

Hindu Gods – There are crores of Hindu gods and it will be so difficult to disprove them all with our common sense.

But know this, all the scriptures in the world are just stories written by poetic historians a long time ago.


Ved Vyasa wrote Mahabharat sitting inside a cave in Nepal. He didn’t become god but his characters did. All credit goes to his art of writing.

In the same way, the credit of Ram’s godliness goes to Valmiki.

Ram and Krishna were great people, so were Jesus and Mohammed. But they were simply great people, not gods.

If all great people are gods, then there are thousands. If someone claims to be god, then there are thousands of them for us to follow.

Which god is the real god among them?

Suppose, if there is a real god among all the gods, then how to know which one is real?

What if, the Hindus say Allah is the real one, or the Christians say Buddha, and the Muslims say Brahma?

According to the descriptions in all religions, god should be only one. And that one is hard to find, that’s why religions have fought to prove that their god is the real one.

So, use common sense and ask, where is god when so many lives have been taken just in his name? People are confused and they are killing each other, they are confused because they don’t know who he is.

If god really exists, don’t you think he should step down from his heavenly abode and tell us who he really is?

A wise god shouldn’t send his representative to clarify himself, neither should he send his message in some unbreakable code or verse.

His words should be crystal clear, everyone from a newborn baby to a hardened man should be able to understand him. Then only the religious wars will come to an end and peace will prevail.

But he hasn’t done that so far, and pretty sure he won’t.

That only proves that he doesn’t exist. If he is experimenting with us, with our faith, virtue and all other things, then he is not a god but a researcher of some sort.

The all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful, most compassionate God doesn’t exist.


God exists only in our imaginations, these imaginations have become so real that we are now deluded.

Now, delusion is a serious mental problem. It makes us see what is not there, makes us feel what is not there, makes us hear what is not there.

Have you heard stories of deluded people or have you been clinically deluded yourself? I have, and now I will tell you some stories of delusion.

You do this, drink alcohol for a week without proper food. When you feel that it’s getting too much, stop drinking totally. Then you will understand what hallucination and delusion mean.

You will see insects running all over your body. You will pick them, squash them and throw them away. You will see people staring at you through the ceiling.

Your house falls down, your life sinks. People come to kill you, you run and hide.

You will get taken to the hospital. The doctors inject you saline water since you haven’t eaten anything. They give you some chemical-tablets (medicine actually), the chemicals reach your brain cells and you get alright.

You realize that whatever you had seen, felt, run away from were just your own imaginations. Some chemical composition had gone wrong in your brain which made you see and feel all those things. You won’t ever forget how real they were.

Next, I’ve felt this, you meditate for hours and hours. You focus your mind on the breath flowing through your nose. You watch, you sweat. You feel electric sparks running around your brain.

You feel immense sense of joy, so much that you forget yourself and become that joy. The pleasure arises out of your heart and fills the world.

The next day, you want the experience to repeat again. You see a pleasant warm light inside your mind. You feel you have reached enlightenment.

You get up from your pedestal, ready yourself for a sermon and look inside yourself. But the things are the same, you are the same old person with your worries and your lusts.

So, you go out and take some tablets, smoke some ganja (it’s become legal in the US!) and feel the exact sensation that you received during your deepest meditation.

Wonder what this is? To follow god or to feel like god is already in our genes and the brain. It is only about what triggers those experiences.

During my meditations, I felt like becoming one with the universe. I looked around and saw that everything, the trees, the leaves moving back and forth in the breeze, the birds singing, the faraway hills………….. all of them were a part of me.

Not part of me but exactly, I felt something flowed within all these things (including me) and that thing was one whole building block of the universe.

That’s one mystical experience I had and I simulated the same experience with a tablet and a stick of marijuana! Ain’t I fucked?!

Hallucinations aren’t always bad, that’s one reason we slowly sink in the quicksand of delusion. We trust the illusions. We live with them, and gradually we make them real.

That’s exactly what religions have done to us for centuries.

Just honestly ask yourself, what is the need for a religion? Why do we need god?

We can see the anomalies in a political leader pretty quick, we can see that he is deluding us with his sweet words and promises. Still we can’t reject him outright!

But the idea of god has been fixed in our brains for centuries, it has been coded in our genes! What should we do?

That’s why it’s so hard to take him out.

Remember the story where a boy was kept all alone without any idea of god. One day he admired nature so much that he eventually asked, “Who made all this beautiful place?”

If we use a bit of common sense, then shouldn’t his question have been, “Who am I?” Or, simply he should have become awestruck with the beauty he beheld outside and within himself.

When you see something awesome, what do you do? Do you ask who made that thing and thank the unknown maker or do you become dumbstruck with the beauty of that thing?

When you see a beautiful person, do you thank that person’s parents or …….?

What I mean to say is, the idea of god is everywhere. Wherever you go, you won’t ever forget god. I guess that’s why god is called omnipresent.

God is omnipotent, that’s why we pray to him in difficult times. It’s like taking a tablet, a form of self-hypnosis. We feel more at peace after prayers.

But prayer, according to researches, doesn’t work as believed. Experiments were done with patients and prayer groups. One group of patients were informed that they were being prayed for before their operation. Other group wasn’t informed but they were also prayed for, and the next group weren’t prayed for at all.

Result: The persons who were prayed for developed complications due to their expectancy. Others were normal.

You won’t believe it due to all the conditioning from books, movies, your family and your friends. You can just experiment yourself. Pray everyday that you will find a box full of dollars. Let me know when your prayer gets successful.

Faith is the most dangerous capability the human heart has.

It is also the catalyst for all the delusions. Faith can move mountains, faith can heal, faith can kill, faith can annihilate humanity, faith can take us where no one has ever gone before.

People in Nepal have faith in stones, Africans have faith in voodoo, North Koreans have faith in Kim,  Christians have faith in Jesus, a gambler has faith in his luck, an alcoholic has faith in booze, Chinese have faith in Communism, lovers have faith in themselves blah blah blah blah.

Photo courtesy: Subas Adhikari

Has our faith been productive?

So far we have seen that religion, when it is organized, is productive for its followers.

Religion has caused more wars and manslaughter than any other cause.

Religion has built walls between people, and bound them with theories when it should have freed them all.

Religion is the driving force in politics. It dominates the political scene and helps amend laws of a country.

Religion has deluded people for thousands of years. More than half of the human population consists of religious fanatics and the other half follow religion merely as a family tradition.

Christianity is the most pushy religion so far. It’s focus is in converting people by hook or crook.

The importance in being an atheist

If you have followed the post this far, then you should have understood why it is so important to become an atheist.

Let’s look at the importance (advantages) of being an atheist, point-wise:

1. An atheist is free of the god delusion. Hence, she has a better understanding of her life and the world.

2. An atheist is free of the satan delusion. Hence, no more witch-hunts, satanic cults and sorcery.

3. An atheist is free of religion. Hence, no more mass-hysteria,  religious riots, religious wars, charity in the name of religion and unaffordable religious festivals.

4. An atheist is a free-thinker. Hence, no more poverty in creative thinking and artistic tastes.

5. An atheist, when he denounces god and his religion, will have one less reason to kill or die for. Hence, a more peaceful world can be imagined.

6. An atheist is free of religious superstitions. A free thinking atheist will also get done with cultural and traditional superstitions and lead a free life without getting restrained by irrational beliefs.

7. An agnostic atheist lives in a more peaceful harmony with his religious counterparts than Hindus live with Muslims in the about-to-erupt peaceful harmony.

8. An atheist lives his life to the fullest without getting deluded.

9. An atheist helps in the overall development of the society because she believes that hospitals, schools and bridges are more important than churches, mosques, temples and monasteries.

10. The idea of higher authority becomes useless in an atheist. Hence, no more corruption. Didn’t get it? I believe that we are programmed to believe that some higher authority is always there to solve our problems.

That’s why, human nature has developed into bribing higher people and praying to higher people and deities.

That’s my personal thought, you may believe or disbelieve it.

11. An atheist denounces attending church, praying in temples, prostrating yourself every hour for namaz as an utter waste of time and talent.

Instead, she thinks of using that time for more productive, creative and recreational purposes.

12. An atheist is free of fear from anything like god or satan. This leads to an un-suppressed mind and hence, fewer crimes.

If you look at the history of criminals whether they be sexual molesters, rapists, suicide bombers and serial killers, most of them are religious.

The perpetrators of child molestation are usually monks, priests and other lay people who have a deep religious self. They suppress their sexual desires in the name of religion and thus, such heinous acts are committed.

13. Religion is designed to make people fear and give them ethics so they can be controlled. But it doesn’t mean that an atheist won’t have any morality.

I believe an atheist has a better set of ethical codes than a religious person. The morals an atheist follows should be more humane, social and contemporary.

An atheist isn’t dictated from a thousand-year old book on what she shouldn’t think and what she shouldn’t do.

These are the things an atheist has to her advantage against this worst case scenario, where we are killing in the name of god.

My intention for this long post is not to convert you into an atheist. It is for you to decide the life you want to live, deluded or free.

I’m still in the learning process and I’d very much like to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Please, do share your opinion.


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