Nepali girls, their hobbies and how we are making them elope quicker

Nepali girls are as beautiful and creative as girls of any other nation.

Yes, I agree and so do you. But I’m less concerned about the creativity and beauty of Nepali girls now.

It’s their hobbies this post is concerned with and it’s about how the lack of hobbies is pushing most of them into premature elopement.

And this has brought the death of beauty and creativity in almost all Nepali girls.

In this post, by Nepali girls, I mean all the Nepalese girls between the ages of 8 to 23 belonging to all castes, creeds and financial backgrounds.

So, what exactly is the problem with Nepali girls?

The problem is the ideas of romance, lovemaking and elopement are getting seeded into their hearts at a faster rate.

If you look at the statistics, most (60% of the 20 to 49 years olds interviewed) Nepali girls married at the age of 18.

Though 18 is a legal age for Nepali girls to marry, it seems that most of them are enjoying this legal juice pretty soon.

Or the other reason could be that they are being forced to marry as soon as they reach the legal age. This forcing could be direct or indirect.

What do you think are the reasons Nepali girls are falling into matrimonial relationships so soon?

You can share your insightful opinions in the comments section below.

Let’s not discuss about the complications that arise in a country where girls marry young. I won’t burden you with explanations on the disadvantages of early marriage.

Don’t worry about the population explosion, the death of innocence and thus creativity, and the creation of an unproductive feminine population that becomes loyal to their husbands annihilating their chances of being everything marvelous.

But instead, let’s look at the hobbies of Nepali girls and try to understand the relationship between girlish hobbies and marriage.

The hobbies of Nepali girls


Recreations they go after during their free time!

Well, there seem to be just a few, so far.

1. Watching TV – Yes, they do and mostly Indian family serials.

2. Internet browsing – mig33 and Facebook.

3. Games – Ask them their favorite games and you will know that younger ones like to skip (jumping over a rope) which they stop by the time they reach class six. The older school girls love basketball or football (watching, obviously).

4. ………………………………………………………….

There could be something in the number four spot but I bet there won’t be the fifth hobby for most of the Nepali girls.

Ask around and compare the list with the hobbies of Nepali boys (ages 10 to 23). They will give you a rich list which will be more interesting.

Don’t bet with me on that.

Now, let me tell you what’s wrong with the list of the hobbies of Nepali girls.

1. Sit to watch an Indian serial with a school girl and you will get dumbfounded. You surely will get filled with pity for those little girls.

Look at them 10 year olds crying with pity and clapping their hands in elation at the melodrama targeted at the 30 year olds.

Sure, at the age of ten they learn a thing or two about relationships and how to embarrass and quieten their mother-in-laws, but will that be fruitful?

And think of all the dramatic ways the heroin falls in love with the hero, what suggestions will the children get?

It’s okay to fall in love once or twice but how will a young mind respond when she sees love blossoming inside the idiot box fifteen times in fifteen serials six days a week?

Thank God, it’s not seven days a week because serials also take a day off in a week.

What ideas do they get when they are exposed to such immense lengths of romance 24 days a month?

And do remember, serials tend to go on for years and years.

The girls won’t have the time, resources and freedom to innovate the ideas they get from other creative reality shows but the seeds the family serials plant on them about love, family and relationships will last in their minds forever.

Compare this with what a boy watches on TV.

2. The first thing a Nepali girl learns on the internet is almost always mig33 or Facebook.

Mig33 is a place where she can take up a pseudonym like cute-_-doll, chat with friends, go into chat rooms, fall in virtual love with some punk_boy123, and end up being able to type an epic length of textual abuse in 30 seconds.

Something like this:
nepali girls jpt

Oh yeah, and there’s sexting she can do there.

Facebook is a place where the young and the old can show their faces.

Ever seen a young girl’s face on Facebook without any embellishments?

Almost every Nepali girl has learnt to purse her lips for a kiss as soon as she needs to upload a pic on the site visited by thousands of Nepalese every hour.

Something like this:

nepali girls

3. Games and sports are for boys. Girls think so. Boys think so. Parents think so. Teachers think so. Period.

Even in most schools, if you peek at their extra-curricular calendar, most extracurricular activities are targeted at boys.

Is there a lack of girl games, or girls aren’t as competitive as boys?

If you see carefully then you will also notice that the dress codes (Elizabethan frocks or 21st century miniskirts) for the girls usually don’t allow them to play games as comfortably as boys.

And so, during physical exercise or other game classes, we find girls either giggling in a group in a corner or watching boys play.

4. Suppose in this spot, they have extra hobbies like singing and dancing, most of them can’t take their hobbies to a greater height.

Mainly because of unavailability of practice grounds, lack of proper guidance, zero moral support and the inner conflicting instincts which grow in their minds as they grow older.

“No, you have grown older. You can’t go on with it.”

Are these unproductive hobbies behind the downfall of Nepali girls?

Hell no, I don’t mean that.

I also don’t believe that there’s a huge discrimination going on.

Since most Nepali parents are educated these days, they don’t have issues with their daughters and their rights.

Even in remote villages, they send their daughters to school though the dish-washing part in a family is always the share of the daughters.

Watching serials is okay, just as signing up for Facebook and mig33 even though they are not exactly the best form of recreational activities.

The reason for the early marriage of most Nepali girls is in the lack of more and more hobbies for them.

Hobbies through which they can express themselves better. Hobbies through which their personality shines out and they become able to lead the frail society they live in.

Hobbies which help them to bring out their creative side.

Nepali girls need more hobbies which will help them to have more diverse dreams and not just always desperation to get married.

So that they can dis-identify themselves from the image of a child bearing family conscious love machine.

Have you heard of the Damai Syndrome?

Damai Syndrome is what most Nepali girls suffer from.

You know we created all the high and low castes. We designated some castes as divine and some as untouchables.

Damais are untouchables. Though this caste system is like a childish game, its rules are so deeply embedded in our psyche that even when we (people from higher castes) consider this system to be prejudiced and imaginary, the people who we call Damais themselves believe in it.

Their belief has bred within them an inferiority complex which makes them do awkward things, like hesitating to enter somebody’s kitchen, feeling that they are inferior people.

That’s the same with the girls.

They believe that they are something the male population should fight for, they are naturally inferior to boys, their only aim should be about nurturing a family, they can’t have hobbies like the boys etc.

Let me explain it this way.

What will a sixteen year old girl think when life goes harsh with her?

Suppose she fails the SLC, doesn’t have enough money to pursue her studies, or if she isn’t allowed to pursue her hobbies?

What is the best alternative she will have?

Marriage, certainly is the only option.

Why does this idea of lying in the solace of her lover’s arm come so early to a teenager?

Simply put, she doesn’t have other things to think about. No hobbies which she can find better than experiencing love and starting her own family.

Also, she has prepared for this since her childhood.

How does this idea come to her?

We prepare her for this.

With our academic calendars at school, subtle discrimination at home and school, subconsciously feeding her with ideas that education for a girl is worthless, exposing her to family and love lessons through TV serials, creating hurdles in her life more than she can jump …………..

We have quickened her puberty with junk food, exposure to sexually rich films, songs, TV programs and magazines.

This is a vicious game where the male intentions usually decide the destiny of a female. The girls fall into the trap, unknown.

It’s something like trapping a pheasant in the bushes. The hunters seal off all the passages in the undergrowth except some.

Then they let the pheasants gather so that they can peck and play. When the pheasants are in the midst of their frolic, the hunters start shoo shooing them towards where the passages are blocked.

The pheasants, when they sense human presence, start scuttling to safety. Finding most of their passages blocked, they rush towards the escape routes laid for them by the hunters.

And, that’s exactly where the snares are!

Just think what are the various things a boy can do when he fails in something?

He has a hundred ideas and opportunities.

Earning money is a hobby for him. Playing football and hence joining a football club is a hobby for him. Strumming a guitar and playing in a rock band is a hobby for him.

Playing games online is a hobby for him. Flirting is a hobby for him. Swimming is a hobby for him in the summer.

This list can go on and on…

And so when he fails in one, he always has other thousand things to try.

But this is not so for the Nepali girls.

This is a male dominated society and we decide what hobbies they can have.

What TV programs they should be glued to, what songs they should be tapping to and what ideas about their princes they should be churning in their minds!

That’s why the 60% percent are always the doomed.

The only escape they can see is in marriage whether that be willed or forced.

But as you can see, willed or forced sound uncannily similar.

Is there no solution to this problem in the Nepali girls?

You see the solution, don’t you?

It’s so simple.

So, what are you going to do?

Give them more space to dream….. and more hobbies to run after.

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