How to make a telepathic communication? A not-so-recent-case study on telepathy

Telepathy, in the simplest sense, means the phenomenon of hearing what someone is thinking. Telepathic communication occurs when two or more than two people exchange thoughts without the use of the mouth, or signs and letters.

Sounds like something from X-Men? You’d better think twice before jumping into hasty conclusions and skipping this post as some pseudo-scientific babel.

Telepathy is yelling as loud as you can, into the other’s ear.

Because, I know (not telepathically), you too have been in a telepathic communication once or twice in your life. Or maybe more than that, who knows!

Okay, jump in with me and I’ll recount one successful experiment I had with telepathy. In the mean while, you will also see why that was a genuine case and that I was not hallucinating or high.

More important, you will understand how telepathy works in our lives and decides our fates.

Cut the story short. This happened in the x year of my life with my x friend. No, not a girl friend!

The two of us were experimenting with telepathy, clairvoyance, sex, morality, telekinesis, samadhi and so many other things.

One night I decided to make a telepathic communication with my friend. I lay on my bed, closed my eyes, breathed real low and slow and visualized his ugly face. He was called ‘The Tadpole’ then and I was ‘The Stick-man’.

Not the least holy or psychic people because we regularly masturbated after an hour-long session of deep meditation. Well, that was an experiment!

In the dead of the night, under my quilt with one hand holding my dick, I called out to him. He was there in my head, in front of me but he wasn’t holding anything …. I guess.

I raised the pitch of my inner voice and screamed at him. Just his name. For about ten minutes or so and slept.

Early the next morning, Tadpole visited me physically and asked if I had tried to communicate with him telepathically. I answered no because I didn’t want to mess the experiment with either the observer or guinea pig’s opinions.

He enthusiastically said that he’d heard my scream and had thought that I’d been calling just from the door. He’d got up from his bed, answered me loudly and come to open the door for me. He said he was surprised as why I’d been shouting so loud.

Well, that’s telepathy, ain’t it?

Let’s double-check this with some critical analysis.

  1. I was not high on marijuana or alcohol, he wasn’t either. Checked.
  2. Not a coincidence of someone else shouting to him. He’d clearly heard my voice. Checked
  3. He heard just his name and not any other words. I was screaming the same. Checked.
  4. We weren’t psychics, not now either. Triple checked. These days, many times I get something like a hunch, I get worried but it never turns out to be true.
  5. His brother confirmed that Tadpole had actually answered my call, got out of the bed and had gone to open the door. His opinion at that moment was that either Tadpole had gone nuts or was on a high. Neither Tadpole nor me coaxed him to belch out this answer, he just confided in me the following day, worried that his brother was going insane. Checked. Checked. Checked.
  6. We hadn’t decided beforehand to establish a telepathic communion. Not on that night. Checked

So what can you make of this?

What I did is, I wrote down the incident in my diary and slammed it shut. It made me sure that telepathy is insanely real and sanely achievable.

So, after about 15 years, I’m writing this tutorial on how to make a telepathic communication with someone you know. Mind it, I assert on the someone you know and not with Barack Obama or Rihanna. If you know each line and contour of that someone’s face.

To make a telepathic communication

  • Your mind should be at peace. Remember, I had snuggled into bed and was in a pleasant mood.
  • You should know the person so that you can remember his/her face perfectly. Don’t know if visualizing the person’s hand will do equally good!
  • You should visualize that the person is next to you, listening to you.
  • Maybe the person should also be in a peaceful state of mind. Just think, would it have worked if Tadpole had been jerking off at that moment?
  • You should call out to the person. Maybe shouting at him/her will work better. Call him till you get tired.
  • You shouldn’t be distracted.

Leave the ‘trust part’ out of this game. I didn’t but I could.

But I feel we go through some telepathy in our everyday lives. Listen to my opinion on the nature of coincidences and how telepathy might be the reason behind those coincidences.

Have you fallen in love with someone? Have you noticed that during a short break in a hectic day when you get the time to remember her, exactly the same moment she makes a call? On the phone?

Do you remember your dress codes matching with each other’s when you haven’t seen each other for hours? You come out of your house wearing something black and she pops out of her house in the same color?

Have you gone through the experience when you want to have some special dish, you go home either hungry or thirsty and to your surprise your mom has prepared the exact delicacy or drink at home?

Knowing someone else’s thoughts, fears and pleasures.

Have you known accurately what someone is thinking while sitting silently? Have you felt the same pleasure surge through your soul when you sit quietly with someone you love? And known, all along that she is feeling the same?

If you are a player or a musician, have you felt the telepathic communion with your partner? The moment when your movements get guided as if both of you know where the other is moving or will move?

I am not talking about some behavioral pattern or some learned attributes of the other. But many times during free style sports and music, we tend to know where the other is flowing and where the other stops. Stopping is more important in this case because as we know, stops are mostly abrupt, and not predefined; stops are like death.

Do you suffer from deja-vu’s, not only the feeling of this thing happening before but also, this thing has happened before and I know what this person is going to do or say next?

I’m sure one or two of these things have happened to you and not just once.

Telepathy is a fact and it can be done. Don’t go looking for complex scientific jargon to believe in this phenomenon. Science is still young, researching with alpha waves and beta waves of ¬†our brains.

If you want to make a telepathic communication, make it now.

I’d very much like to hear about your experiences with telepathy. Please feel free to share your thoughts, not via telepathy but through the comment box below.

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