Miracle boy Aditya Dahal isn’t just a Google boy, Nepalis say

Aditya Dahal, a four year old boy, from Kathmandu is making the headlines in the Nepali media these days. Media has named him Google Boy as he seems to know every answer.

aditya dahal miracle

Some even claim that he is more than a Google boy. Something miraculous is going on within him. Something, the contemporary science hasn't been able to explain so far.

Let’s go through why he could be a miracle for the 21st century and how he could be an enigma science needs to solve.

Things that tell that Aditya Dahal could be a miracle

Aditya was a normal baby till he was two and a half. Then, he lost his ability of normal speech and movement.

1. Due to his disability, his parents never thought of admitting him into school as he can neither talk nor even sit without help from others.

2. About two months back, the parents found that he could write though no one in the family had taught him how to read or write.

3. He writes flawless Nepali but it does take him a lot of time to write a single word.

4. He answers almost all the questions a four year old boy would not be able to understand. (Examples are given below)

5. He has knowledge of other languages (Korean …).

6. Under the curiosity of interviewers from Nepali news channels, he’s predicted things. (Scripted below)

Here’s the video with English subtitles where he demonstrates his super-normal ability. Continue reading

Why should there be more Happy News in your Facebook news feed? Seriously.

In the 90’s, British psychologists did an interesting experiment on whether sensational and emotionalized TV news can affect the mood of its viewers. 14 –minute TV news bulletins were shown to three groups but each news bulletin had different content.

One group watched news full of negativity, another group watched good news only and the other group had to watch news with no emotional content.

Later when the participants were interviewed, those who’d watched news of violence, crime, war, famine, political unrest, and injustice had bad mood compared with the mood of the participants from other groups.

They were clearly sadder and more anxious.

They were also prone to worrisome thoughts.

The bad news had made them exaggerate their personal worries so much so that they were making mountains out of molehills.

happy news

That experiment was done in the 90’s when the internet wasn’t as widespread as it is today. Replace TV with the internet and you have Pandora’s Box on your palms and tables. Continue reading

Type in Nepali online or offline, on Facebook, Android and MS Word

You want to type in Nepali and update your status on Facebook and Twitter or comment on YouTube and other blogs in Nepali text from your computer or Android device, right?

You may also want to type in Nepali when you are offline. Maybe you want to write a letter, poem or a story in Nepali text on Microsoft Word.

If you were born two decades ago, typing in Nepali was a tedious task where you’d have to spend months learning how to type in Nepali on Microsoft Word. Back then, you needed to remember the keys ‘a’ as ब, ‘s’ as क, ‘d’ as म, ‘f’ as न and so on.

But typing in Nepali is dead simple these days. You needn’t take a 3 month class to be able to express yourself in Nepali on social networks or anywhere. Lucky you!

type in nepali on android and windows offline

Nepali Unicode converter tools have come to our rescue. Instead of remembering which key gives you the chandra bindu or shirobindu, what you type in Roman Nepali will be changed into Nepali text with these tools.

For an example, if you want to write ‘ नेपालीमा कसरी टाइप गर्ने’ , you just should be able to type ‘nepalimaa kasari taaip garne’. That does it.

And, this method works on all platforms, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, MS Office Word, WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, Android devices…

I don’t want to suggest you to learn typing in Nepali the conventional way, though that is one skill you need to learn if you want to be pretty quick at typing.

Instead here I present you two ways to type in Nepali on your Android phones, laptops and computers: Continue reading

5 conclusions made after my experience of Kundalini energy

Just imagine.
A world where you have a mysterious energy sleeping coiled up within your body. That energy, when awoken, awakens you from sleepwalking.

Imagine this world similar to a virtual reality game where every gamer has to unlock the mysteries of the universe getting into the skin of the character it plays. The final level in this game is to be free from the illusion of the game.

Imagine you are a superhero; the catch in the game is just that you don’t know it. The power when aroused will help you to cross levels in the game with ease. Your situation is that of a ship at standstill with low wind, and the arousal will be like receiving sails and also, a wind that blows towards where you actually should be going. That power frees you from the lows and highs of the game, because eventually the gamer … becomes the game.

That power is your ultimate cheat code.

kundalini energy

And, what if I told you that the world you imagined where you could wake up to a new perception of the same old world is exactly this world we are living in right now?

What if the energy, that frees us from illusions, is coiled up inside every human? What would you do if Kundalini energy were real?

Take a moment to wonder. What would you actually do? Continue reading

How to watch World Cup online, live and for free?

One awkward situation I remember when I had to watch World Cup on a 14 inch black and white TV was 8 years ago when Zidane had to headbutt Matador in the finals.

A huge projector show at Mangalbazaar Square was just 5 minutes away. But it was drizzling, all due to Murphy’s law.

The three of us were lucky that my friend’s relative had a television set with a working cable subscription.

How we ended up there instead of being sprawled at home hooting our teams with dozens of friends is a different story! But I guess everyone has got into similar situations when you can’t enjoy the World Cup matches due to your own mysterious reasons.

watch world cup online

Fast forward to 2014 and I find that many people are still trapped in such a situation when they can’t watch the most anitcipated event mainly because: Continue reading