5 convincing reasons to legalize marijuana (गाँजा) in Nepal

Would you help legalize marijuana in Nepal if you had to vote in an opinion poll?

I’m in for legalization of marijuana in Nepal. Legalize marijuana so that people can plant and sell marijuana. Age limit should be fixed for marijuana consumption, we should be able to export medicinal extracts from marijuana, and laws should be passed on where and when people can smoke marijuana.

legalize marijuana in nepal

Legalization of marijuana seems to have more benefits. Unless Nepal Police is content with the waste of its time and resources cutting and burning down marijuana plants. Marijuana, if legalized, would be able to increase the national income, promote health and maybe promote creativity too.

Below, we discuss exactly five reasons marijuana (also known as ganja, cannabis, hemp, marihuana, bhang, hashish, weed, reefer, pot, g, joint …) should be legalized in Nepal. Continue reading

7 racist Nepali proverbs you believe to be true but maybe aren’t

Do you think the following very racist Nepali proverbs are true if we are to believe that proverbs are born out of our collective experience?

racist nepali proverbs

We have our share of racist proverbs. There’s a proverb to dominate, discriminate and devastate every caste and creed.

Proverbs, whether they are racist or full of wisdom, come from common sense and practical experience of people before us. There’s no denying that there’s a glimmer of truth and wisdom in them but we can’t consider every proverb as the ultimate phrase that describes the behavior of people from a specific caste.

Nepali society is rich with racist Nepali proverbs. This list of seven is just a scratch on the surface. I can’t predict how many more of such racist proverbs come up if we dig deeper.

You know there can be so many proverbs hidden because their circulation might have been restricted to some specific groups of people. We wouldn’t want to disclose proverbs we have made up for the other caste as they would show what we think about our neighbors.

I hope you will help me in adding more of these racist proverbs down in the comments. Even the ones you think shouldn’t be shared in public…

Of all the people, you could be guilty of nurturing racist sentiments deep inside!
Many times little words shape our actions; little proverbs that suggest us how we should deal with some people.

Let’s go through 7 of the most racist Nepali proverbs and discuss how they could have started, why they could be true and why they couldn’t be true.

Let’s take these proverbs seriously and decide whether they are valid to be circulated around in the 21st century. Let’s think of all the prejudice that can be/is created by these racist proverbs.

Don’t you think these proverbs could be shaping our minds on how we treat our friends and neighbors?

What do you say?

Here’s what the first really racist Nepali proverb says. Continue reading

Telepathy is no more a paranormal activity, scientific experiment claims; it never was

Do you believe in telepathy? Do you think a person can actually transfer his thoughts to another person’s mind without any physical means?

telepathy test

If you think of telepathy as a baseless but beautiful imagination found only in Hollywood’s superhero movies, then you gotta think twice. The latest research on telepathy, conducted by researchers from Harvard University, claims that telepathic communication is actually possible.

After the success in the experiment, researchers have started thinking of ways this power can be utilized for the welfare of humanity.

What happened in the telepathy experiment?

The story of the scientific experiment on telepathy goes like this: Continue reading

How to add subtitles to mp4 files with Subtitle Workshop? Add Unicode subtitles with Aegisub: the easy way.

About a week ago, I decided to learn how to add subtitles to an mp4 video and upload it on YouTube. And in the process, I nearly blew my head off.

I wanted to add English subtitles to a Nepali video. I’d thought I’d complete it within an hour as the video was only ten minutes long.

But it took me 3 days.

how to add subtitles to mp4

Don’t get disheartened if at the spur of the moment you decided to put some subtitles to an mp4, upload it on YouTube and have thousands of views.

Let your troubles be mine. I’ve gone through it so just let me help you.

In this post you will:

Learn the easiest way to add subtitles to mp4 videos. (Obviously which, I found after hours of hair pulling.)

Learn how to add subtitles to mp4 videos in your native language. (Nepali, Hindi, Chinese or whatever.)

Continue reading

Miracle boy Aditya Dahal isn’t just a Google boy, Nepalis say

Aditya Dahal, a four year old boy, from Kathmandu is making the headlines in the Nepali media these days. Media has named him Google Boy as he seems to know every answer.

aditya dahal miracle

Some even claim that he is more than a Google boy. Something miraculous is going on within him. Something, the contemporary science hasn't been able to explain so far.

Let’s go through why he could be a miracle for the 21st century and how he could be an enigma science needs to solve.

Things that tell that Aditya Dahal could be a miracle

Aditya was a normal baby till he was two and a half. Then, he lost his ability of normal speech and movement.

1. Due to his disability, his parents never thought of admitting him into school as he can neither talk nor even sit without help from others.

2. About two months back, the parents found that he could write though no one in the family had taught him how to read or write.

3. He writes flawless Nepali but it does take him a lot of time to write a single word.

4. He answers almost all the questions a four year old boy would not be able to understand. (Examples are given below)

5. He has knowledge of other languages (Korean …).

6. Under the curiosity of interviewers from Nepali news channels, he’s predicted things. (Scripted below)

Here’s the video with English subtitles where he demonstrates his super-normal ability. Continue reading