Type in Nepali online or offline, on Facebook, Android and MS Word

You want to type in Nepali and update your status on Facebook and Twitter or comment on YouTube and other blogs in Nepali text from your computer or Android device, right?

You may also want to type in Nepali when you are offline. Maybe you want to write a letter, poem or a story in Nepali text on Microsoft Word.

If you were born two decades ago, typing in Nepali was a tedious task where you’d have to spend months learning how to type in Nepali on Microsoft Word. Back then, you needed to remember the keys ‘a’ as ब, ‘s’ as क, ‘d’ as म, ‘f’ as न and so on.

But typing in Nepali is dead simple these days. You needn’t take a 3 month class to be able to express yourself in Nepali on social networks or anywhere. Lucky you!

type in nepali on android and windows offline

Nepali Unicode converter tools have come to our rescue. Instead of remembering which key gives you the chandra bindu or shirobindu, what you type in Roman Nepali will be changed into Nepali text with these tools.

For an example, if you want to write ‘ नेपालीमा कसरी टाइप गर्ने’ , you just should be able to type ‘nepalimaa kasari taaip garne’. That does it.

And, this method works on all platforms, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, MS Office Word, WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, Android devices…

I don’t want to suggest you to learn typing in Nepali the conventional way, though that is one skill you need to learn if you want to be pretty quick at typing.

Instead here I present you two ways to type in Nepali on your Android phones, laptops and computers: Continue reading

5 conclusions made after my experience of Kundalini energy

Just imagine.
A world where you have a mysterious energy sleeping coiled up within your body. That energy, when awoken, awakens you from sleepwalking.

Imagine this world similar to a virtual reality game where every gamer has to unlock the mysteries of the universe getting into the skin of the character it plays. The final level in this game is to be free from the illusion of the game.

Imagine you are a superhero; the catch in the game is just that you don’t know it. The power when aroused will help you to cross levels in the game with ease. Your situation is that of a ship at standstill with low wind, and the arousal will be like receiving sails and also, a wind that blows towards where you actually should be going. That power frees you from the lows and highs of the game, because eventually the gamer … becomes the game.

That power is your ultimate cheat code.

kundalini energy

And, what if I told you that the world you imagined where you could wake up to a new perception of the same old world is exactly this world we are living in right now?

What if the energy, that frees us from illusions, is coiled up inside every human? What would you do if Kundalini energy were real?

Take a moment to wonder. What would you actually do? Continue reading

How to watch World Cup online, live and for free?

One awkward situation I remember when I had to watch World Cup on a 14 inch black and white TV was 8 years ago when Zidane had to headbutt Matador in the finals.

A huge projector show at Mangalbazaar Square was just 5 minutes away. But it was drizzling, all due to Murphy’s law.

The three of us were lucky that my friend’s relative had a television set with a working cable subscription.

How we ended up there instead of being sprawled at home hooting our teams with dozens of friends is a different story! But I guess everyone has got into similar situations when you can’t enjoy the World Cup matches due to your own mysterious reasons.

watch world cup online

Fast forward to 2014 and I find that many people are still trapped in such a situation when they can’t watch the most anitcipated event mainly because: Continue reading

6 holy puzzles and contradictions in the Bible you must know about

Back in 1995, I found Jesus on an evangelic leaflet. He asked me whether I was hammering a nail with a bottle.

Confused but curious, I ended up listening to him more often. Convinced that he really was the Son of God, and the Bible as the book He had breathed words into, I scheduled a daily Bible study for this young convert.

Praying to Jesus filled me with peace and piety….. until I got hold of the Old Testament of course. I hadn’t gone through the Old Testament even though the Bible is the most translated, most circulated book.

But…. the Old Testament never sounded like God’s words written in Hebrew. Instead, it was full of murder, betrayal, jealousy, incest, slavery and all the vices. That was all Chinese from a God I’d decided to offer my life to.

The sad part of this story is that it took me around five years to dive into the filth of the Old Testament and come out reborn.

Yes, Jesus or whoever had asked me whether I was hammering a nail with a bottle was ironically spot on. I spent five years believing that he was my only savior.

Reading the Bible is what made me lose my faith in the Bible. Doesn’t that sound strange?


It does sound strange if you haven’t got the slightest hint on the multitude of contradictions in the Bible. And, there are the hundreds of puzzles too which directly contradict with the natural way of things.

When I claim that there are thousands of contradictions in the Bible, the following question may arise in your mind:

Why don’t we see the contradictions in the Bible when there are so many?

Faith is to blame. Faith is akin to color blindness.

In most cases, faith doesn’t let us see the anomalies and contradictions in the things we put our trust on. Religious people can never believe that their Gods and Satans wouldn’t have existed if we hadn’t been here.

The situation is like the Zen koan which asks whether a tree falling in a jungle creates sound when there’s no one with ears nearby. We are here because Allah, God and Shiva are there. They are there because we are here. It’s a Triangular loop.

Since the world is so vast and we can’t know everything about the universe, our ancestors created God for conformity so that most of our questions could be answered. So that, our brains wouldn’t fall out from our heads over thinking the meaning of existence.

Or .., sometimes we don’t see things clearly because we don’t look carefully.

Can we blame on the lack of analytical thinking more than on the faith that blinds?

I didn’t look carefully; I let an imaginary faith enter my heart before reason and logic had checked Him through.

And, some of you might worry: Continue reading

How to find full movies on YouTube? Plus, a list of good movies.

full movies on youtube How often do you search for full movies on YouTube?

YouTube is, undoubtedly, the best thing that has happened on the internet. Along with the funny, sad, weird, do it yourself, learn yourself, news, documentary…. videos it also hosts a large number of free movies for us.

I mean free movies from around the globe. Not just Hollywood and Bollywood movies but we can find Chinese, Korean, Nepali, Russian, Colombian, French …… movies.

When I feel like watching a movie, the first thing I do is check whether that movie is available on YouTube. If it is there, I consider myself lucky, then set the video quality to 240p from the little cogwheel on the bottom right and go fullscreen. Sometimes 360p plays fine too.

For your ease, I’ve compiled four ways we can find full length movies on YouTube. Sometimes you can find the latest releases too, so keep reading. Continue reading